• children drawing on paper
    Environmental Edution

    Kimberly Maich talks about some of the classroom strategies she uses to engage and motivate her students to advote for their own future.

  • teacher reading book to classroom
    Fighting Back

    JoAnne Formanek Gustafson reflects on Indigenous communities in northern Ontario fighting back against the legacy of environmental racism.

Climate activists

ETFO member and environmentalist Kim Fry speaks with three young climate justice activists based in Ontario.

class and teacher standing in front of artwork

Sarah Lowes considers the importance and impact of hope when talking about the future of the planet.

By Sam Hammond

At the end of February, the government was forced to table the results of the edution consultation they conducted in the fall. These show overwhelmingly what the Ford Conservatives have been trying to hide: Parents in Ontario do not support cuts to public edution.

By Sharon O’Halloran

Over the course of the winter, ETFO staff have been focussed on organizing strike action, which began in late November and has extended over six phases that have included work-to-rule, rotating strikes, full-day withdrawal of services and a coordinated all affiliate one-day strike.

By Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice is our climate justice issue, an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the climate justice movement and chart our way forward as activists and edutors.


Teachers standing outside in the snow during strike
By ETFO Voice

ETFO edutors are in an unprecedented round of bargaining with a government intent on making drastic cuts to public edution.

Map of Ontario with change in student funding highlighted
By Erika Shaker and Rirdo Tranjan

Mapping Ontario School Board Funding Cuts.

ETFO FEEO representative at rally
By Lisa Mastrobuono

A positive outcome of the current provincial government’s first year in office has been increased public engagement by ETFO members around edution-related issues.